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Probably everyone heard parents calling their children “whyers”! The more the child perceives, the more curious he/she becomes about all-around world. Why and how something happens around his/her undiscovered world. Let’s recollect the time when we were kids who crawled all around and got goat asking our parents the only question “Why?” And now think for a moment…how many times both you and now your little “whyers” heard back: “Because!”

Science-All project is a unique online kids encyclopedia that comprises lots of materials aimed at children. It has got a bunch of schoolchildren-oriented explanations. Your “whyer” will be certainly happy to get the answers to his/her long-list questions!

The kids website will help you and your children to get to know about the world formation, how the new things were introduced, the way distinct discoveries were held, you will be also informed about the human body formation, the way all living creatures inhabit our planet and many other interesting and undiscovered open questions.

A lot of questions asked by the children drive parents out of their senses. You shouldn’t forget that this is the inevitable nourishment for our advanced children. That was the principle point for creating the Science-All portal! We would like moms and dads to find the explanation to any kind of a question in our kids encyclopedia. We gathered lots of responses given on wide-range questions.

Lots of new answers given by the qualified professors, school teachers and nursery school teachers emerge on a daily basis.

The Science-All kids project was developed more for parents and not for their children.

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